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Although Teeccino is quite new to New Zealand, we already have many satisfied customers. Read what they think about Teeccino or contact us if you want to give us your feedback.


When we opened Zest Health in Devonport in july 2011, we wanted to sell by the cup, a coffee substitute that satisfied. We had tried many of the the available alternatives but when we tasted the Vanilla Nut, we knew this would appeal to our customers. Vanilla Nut brought back memories of the delicious coffee which we drank in Vietnam.

Contact with Morgan Price of Teeccino NZ, brought a quick response and within days we were supplied with samples of the entire Teeccino range. While we use the Vanilla Nut as our standard cup of Teeccino ( flat white, cappuccino, long black) our customers are able to choose the Java, Chai, Hazelnut and the Chocolate Mint choices by the cup or buy in retail packs to take home. About half of those that try it buy it for home, which shows how well the product is liked. People drive from all parts of Auckland to our shop just to buy Teeccino.

Teeccino NZ Ltd has provided us with excellent products and a quick-to-respond sales service that is always courteous and consistent.

Robert Van Der Wielen 
Pauline Colmar



I totally recommend Teeccino NZ! The range of products is outstanding and I effortlessly weaned myself off tea using it. My stress levels are so much less as the caffeine in tea is no longer able to raise my cortisol levels. The service which Teeccino NZ offers is excellent and caring. Could not be better.

Dr Fiona Ciaran



My order arrived this morning and I am currently sipping my Maya Chai - just gorgeous!!! I am a caffeine addict trying to wean off the coffee, and this tastes far better than coffee and gives me hope that I can do this! Thank you so much for the fantastic service and fast dispatch, and for selling Teechino in NZ!!

Rebecca Parsons



We are thrilled with all our dealings we have had with Teeccino staff and indeed with their herbal coffee brews. I love that the herbal coffee has a delicious robust taste, that is also enjoyable to drink. In fact, I would struggle to tell the difference between a "normal" brewed coffee and a herbal Java coffee.

Thank you Teeccino for being so helpful especially with my first tentative orders and payments. You smoothed the way for me so easily that I felt happy and confident coming back with further orders.

Jacque Kendall



I've sampled 2 teebags so far and they're soooo yummy....better than coffee :-). Thanks for the extra samples! Once I've tried them all, I'll order some for my friends and family. Great stuff, wish I knew about Teeccino earlier! I'm a health freak and always look at ingredients before I buy anything. I didn't believe herbal coffee could taste so good as I've tasted other brands before that I didn't like. So glad I finally found Teeccino and I can share this with others who are trying to drop their addiction to caffeine. Thanks again,