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Teeccino’s Mediterranean and Maya flavour lines are based on three nutritious ingredients that are all certified organic: carob pods, barley and chicory root. Other ingredients like dates, almonds, figs and ramon nuts bring their distinctive flavour characteristics to create the taste distinctions between Teeccino’s Mediterranean flavours, which are slightly sweet and nutty, and the Maya flavours, which are unsweetened for a pure, coffee-like flavour profile.


Carob pods are highly nutritious and contain a variety of antioxidants known as flavonoids. Carob shares flavonoids in common with tea that have been studied to be highly effective in humans for protecting cells against free radical damage.

Chicory root

Roasted chicory root is the popular coffee alternative in France. French coffee is famous for its smooth, less acidic flavour because approximately 30% of French coffee is roasted chicory root.

Ramon Nuts

Teeccino's Maya flavours feature roasted ramon nuts, a nutrient-rich food of the Maya civilization. Ramon nuts are actually the seed of the ramon fruit. Ramon nuts do not contain tree allergens like almonds, walnuts and pecans.

Natural Flavours

Teeccino selects the highest quality, pure natural flavours that are made from flavouring constituents that are extracted from natural ingredients like fruits, spices, herbs and even coffee.


Roasted barley is a popular coffee alternative in Italy where it is known as "Caffé d'orzo". Every coffee bar in Italy serves orzo brewed like cappuccinos or coffee!

Dates & Figs

Dates and figs slightly sweeten Teeccino's Mediterranean flavours without adding significantly to the calories per serving. Dates and figs contain antioxidants that are water soluble and extracted during brewing.


Teeccino's Mediterranean flavours contain golden roasted almonds that create a rich, nutty flavour yet don't add any fat to a cup of Teeccino. Almonds also contain significant quantities of antioxidants including proanthocyanidins (OPCs).